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Kathleen Flinn, author “The Sharper Your Knife, the Less you Cry

Lemon writing exercise. M.K. Fisher is great at using verbs in the right places. Take a page of hers and write down all the verbs. She rarely uses the passive voice, she likes movement and sound. (more…)


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Barnaby Dorfman, Foodista.com, CEO
Joy Victory, WordPress.com, editorial czar
Mani Dhillon, UrbanSpoon.com, general manager (more…)

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Amy Sherman, author, blogger, recipe developer

Dianne Jacob “Will Write for Food”
Kristine Kidd, former editor at Bon Appetit

Kristine Kidd

“My personal recipe style is to teach cooks independence,” says Kristine Kidd, a former editor at Bon Appetit.


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The International Food Blogger Conference is off to a great start. We got a huge bag of cookery “swag” that includes everything from a smiley faced spatula, pansy shaped cupcake tins, a corn on the cob peeler, to cookbooks, juicers, and a coffee press. It was like Christmas! So much for traveling light.

The food vendors here were excellent and tasty but the conversations with the other bloggers were the highlight of the evening for me. (more…)

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Tonight the 2010 International Food Blogger Conference (IFBC) kicks off in downtown Seattle. And, yep, Kitchen Report will be present!

There are 250 people attending the (sold out) conference that will feature local chefs, food writers, tastings, and a screening of a new foodie movie, “Today’s Special.” On top of that, the organizers have asked the bloggers to post frequently during the three-day event.

I have my uniform ready: Laptop, digital camera, iPhone, necessary connecting cables, mini business cards, and this T-shirt.


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