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Victoria von Biel, executive editor Bon Appetit
Kirsty Melville, president, book division Andrews-McMeel
Molly Wizenberg, Orangette, “A Homemade Life

A Homemade Life by Molly Wizenberg

“What I discovered as a blogger is that could write even when I didn’t want to,” says Molly Wizenberg, blogger and author.



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My expectations were low. This was a food cart, after all, and I’m from Boston, one of the states that consumes the most ice cream in the nation. “Lavender honey, please,” I said to Molly Moon‘s ice cream man. A small mound of white with flecks of tiny purple was pushed through the window above my head. I reached for it and then slid the cool cream onto my tongue with the tiny, coarse wooden spoon.

Oh my. Hello, fields of France.

Molly Moon's ice cream truck

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Penny De Los Santos, documentary photographer, Saveur, National Geographic

Penny De Los Santos @ IFBC food truck lunch.

“I want to interject excitement and passion about food into my photos,” says Penny De Los Santos who has photo illustrated six cookbooks. “If I make you want to grab and eat that food, then I’ve done my job.” (more…)

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Dr. Nathan Myhrvold, Modernist Cuisine, Intellectual Ventures, CEO

Nathan Myhrvold chats with IFBC bloggers.

“Some people say sous-vide sucks the soul out of cooking,” says Nathan Myhrvold. “We disagree! It’s about the art and science of creating great food.”


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Debra Music, Theo Chocolate
Andrew Stout, Full Circle Farm, CEO
Jack Czarnecki, Oregon White Truffle Oil

Cacao pods in Belize.

“Companies and consumers have to be willing to pay more for better produced chocolate,” says Debra Music of Theo Chocolate, a Fair Trade certified chocolate producer in Seattle.


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Barnaby Dorfman, Foodista.com, CEO

Robin Goldstein, IP attorney, food blogger
Robert Schroeder, FTC
Barnaby Dorfman

Robin Goldstein, blogger, IP attorney


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Kathleen Flinn, author “The Sharper Your Knife, the Less you Cry

Lemon writing exercise. M.K. Fisher is great at using verbs in the right places. Take a page of hers and write down all the verbs. She rarely uses the passive voice, she likes movement and sound. (more…)

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