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Today's Special

For all those indie, foodie folks out there watch for local listings so you can get a serving of feel-good vibes from “Today’s Special,” a new movie by David Kaplan to be released Nov. 19, 2010.

Samir (Aasif Mandvi, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and “The Last Airbender“) is a sous chef who is gunning for head chef at an upscale Manhattan restaurant. He loses out to someone younger and less experienced who outshines Samir with charisma. Samir’s crisis in identity and career coincides with his father’s health scare and Samir is suddenly tasked with keeping the day-to-day operations of the family’s ailing Indian restaurant, Tandoori Palace. His mother, Farrida, (played by legendary cookbook writer and actor, Madhur Jaffrey), complicates every scene with her quest to find a wife for Samir, her only living child. (more…)


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