Moroccan couscous salad

Couscous1Couscous is a grain and a staple throughout North Africa and the Middle East. The boxed, pre-steamed versions you can find in the supermarket makes it a convenience food and an alternative to rice or pasta. Serve it as a side with meat either plain or mixed with vegetables, dried fruit, and nuts.

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Ginger apple muffins


There are other ways to welcome the return of crisp mornings of autumn without pumpkin spice. These ginger apple muffins are chock full of cozy fall flavors – cinnamon, ginger, and molasses.

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Diner en Blanc 4

Last Thursday evening – despite the rain, the endless stairs, rush hour, a surly MBTA officer – I arrived at Boston’s City Plaza with my date toting a picnic basket and table and chairs for another Diner en Blanc Boston, a pop-up secret dinner party with 1,000 other people dressed all in white.

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The dog days of August are in full swing and it is hot! These tiny popsicles made with just three ingredients are a refreshing pick-me-up in the middle of a summer afternoon.

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The day before it opened on July 30, 2015, I joined a media tour of the Boston Public Market. The place is vibrant with color and the air hangs with the smell of fresh produce, flowers, honey, and chocolate. Can this be Boston’s official happy place? (Good-bye, Cheers!) We had the luxury of talking with some of the 38 vendors who practically hum with passion for the vision of the nation’s first indoor, year-round locally sourced market. I hope you enjoy this sneak peak, until you can get there yourself.

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Eggplant tricolor


Roasting eggplant seasoned with olive oil, salt, and pepper makes a tasty base for eggplant tricolor.

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Kale, carrot, and onion

Kale3I know what you are thinking: Stop with the kale recipes already! It’s no longer trendy! I can’t eat anymore! I’ll never like it! But the fact is, kale is going to keep growing from the ground and your local community supported agriculture share (CSA) is going to keep putting it in the bags it delivers to you, so keep calm and kale on.

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