Mason jar salads


Even though the temperatures outside are hovering just above 0 degrees F and the sidewalks are slick with ice, give yourself a break from comfort foods by packing a mason jar salad for lunch.

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This roasted butternut squash soup has a smooth taste and a touch of hot chili to warm up frigid winter nights.

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Hoppin' John 1

Hoppin’ John is a Southern dish of black-eyed peas and rice traditionally served on New Year’s Day.

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Cranberry walnut bread



Cranberry walnut bread is one of those holiday recipe staples – bring a loaf to a festive gathering, offer as a gift wrapped in aluminum foil with a bow, or just keep on hand for a household overflowing with hungry guests.

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Cider-braised turkey thighs


You’ve probably already had enough turkey by now but tuck this recipe away for the next time you crave it but just don’t want to roast a whole bird. Especially after Thanksgiving, some stores offer big sales on “turkey parts,” which you can store in the freezer until you are ready. Braising dark turkey meat in cider will give you a fall-off-bone tender morsels.

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Chocolate pecan pie

pecan pie 1This chocolate pecan pie is inspired by the the famous pie served in Kentucky each year for the Kentucky Derby. It’s so simple to make it’s a good choice for the holidays when you are juggling lots of other things.

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Since I’m usually a guest for Thanksgiving dinner I’ve become a champ at contributing interesting side dishes and the occasional dessert. One of these days I’ll figure out how to roast a turkey but until then, enjoy my collection of tried-and-true Thanksgiving recipes.

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