Chocolate pecan pie

pecan pie 1This chocolate pecan pie is inspired by the the famous pie served in Kentucky each year for the Kentucky Derby. It’s so simple to make it’s a good choice for the holidays when you are juggling lots of other things.

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Since I’m usually a guest for Thanksgiving dinner I’ve become a champ at contributing interesting side dishes and the occasional dessert. One of these days I’ll figure out how to roast a turkey but until then, enjoy my collection of tried-and-true Thanksgiving recipes.

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Pumpkin cranberry scones


Pumpkin cranberry scones with orange zest icing made with self-rising flour and pumpkin pie filling are easy to make and have all the right flavors of fall.

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Scottish shortbread cookies


Scotland’s polls have opened to the referendum vote that will decide if Scotland will be a nation independent of Great Britain. It’s too close to know what the result will be once the 4.2 million voters have cast their ballot. The world is watching, not just for its economic ramifications, but because Scottish culture is well-loved – tartan plaid, bag pipes, the Loch Ness Monster, Robert Burns, and Scottish shortbread are just a a few of the ways the Scots have fed imaginations for centuries.

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Homemade tomato soup


This creamy homemade tomato soup made with no dairy and just a few ingredients has a great “mouth feel.” You’ll never want to open another can of tomato soup again.

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Chocolate zucchini cake


For those of you fortunate to be near a farmers’ market, or even better with an overflowing garden of your own, use up the abundance of zucchini with this decadent chocolate zucchini cake.

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These mini muffins only take 10 minutes to mix, 10 minutes to bake. Plus they are packed with energy and low in sugar.

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